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Legal Notice


  • All the information contained within the Services Portal of the Government of Aragon or of any of its autonomous organisations, as well as the graphic design, texts, images, sound and any other material, is the intellectual property of the Diputación General de Aragón. 
  • Personal use of the contents is authorised but said contents may not, under any circumstances, be used for commercial purposes.  Modification of the institutional website and of its contents is strictly forbidden.



  • Only those texts published in the “Official Gazette of Aragon” in digital and printed format are considered as authentic.  Any reproductions of documents and contents from the institutional website are exclusively for information purposes.
  • Any electronic documents generated within administrative procedures that are totally or partially processed via this website shall be considered as authentic and shall have probative value as acknowledged by the applicable legislation.



  • In those cases in which the website of the Diputación General de Aragón contains links to other web pages or websites owned by third parties, the former accepts no liability for their content or the services provided through them.
  • The Diputación General de Aragón shall not be liable for failures in communication, time limits or versions produced by telecommunication services or by any other technical services provided by third parties or from outside servers.
  • The Government of Aragon does not guarantee that the website or the server are virus-free and accepts no liability for any damage caused as a result of access to the website or to the impossibility of accessing it.
  • Cookies or other resources of a similar nature that may be used, shall not, under any circumstances, be used to store information that might permit the natural person using the website to be identified.  



  • Websites belonging to third parties that offer links to pages of the Government of Aragon Portal shall firstly request authorisation to add such links and shall have to comply with the following regulations:
    • The link must indicate the source ("Government of Aragon" or any other indication of the unit).
    • The effect caused by clicking on the “link button” must be to link up with the Government of Aragon website and not to incorporate of the contents of our website into that page.
    • The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Government of Aragon are to be respected. No logos, search engines, etc., belonging to the Government of Aragon, may be included in the page.
    • The Government of Aragon shall also reciprocally be able to establish links, if it deems it appropriate, from its web page to those of the organisation.
  •  In the event of any failure to comply with these conditions or for any other reasons deemed appropriate, authorisation may be revoked without entitlement to any type of compensation.



  • Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December on Personal Data Protection (Spanish initials LOPD), amended by Law 62/2003, 30 December, on tax, administrative and social measures, and by decision 292/2000, 30 November regarding appeal on the grounds of unconstitutionality 1463/2000 (Official State Gazette [BOE] nr. 4, 4 January 2001), the data supplied by the user shall be incorporated into an automated file and shall be collected using the appropriate mechanisms. Said mechanisms shall contain only those fields that are strictly necessary to provide the service required by the user.
  • Personal data shall be processed appropriately, in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 December. The necessary measures shall be adopted to avoid data alteration, loss and processing or unauthorised access to them by third parties.  According to article 11 of Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, personal data may only be assigned to fulfil purposes directly related to the legitimate functions of the assignor and of the assignee with the prior consent of the affected party.
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